Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked diligently to try and include the majority of our frequently asked questions regarding our services in one convenient location.

1) Why Ek Call Home Solutions started its service from Pokhara?

  • Pokhara is our hometown and we know this place very well. Since, it is not as big as Kathmandu, we can easily deliver our services in time and with minimum resources. Moreover, besides all other reasons, who doesn’t like to work in Nepal’s most beautiful city.

2) Don’t you think the services will be expensive while doing it through a company rather than directly contacting the technician?

  • Not really. Our rates are often less and sometimes equal to the market rate that the technicians usually charge. Being in the technical field we are aware of the rates and thus we ask our technicians to work for us at discounted rate giving them more customers to serve.
  • Directly contacting the technician may not ensure (Timely response and guarantee of the work as well.)

3) Why your office is not in the centre of your city ?

  • Taking a huge space in the centre of city will increase operating cost and hence to recover it we need to charge more from our customers. Our aim is to give best quality service at minimum rate. Moreover, to book our service, customer can easily book it through online or give us a call. So, why to waste more money for a fancy office.