Ek Call Home Solutions

Our Story

We are being questioned every time, why have you not continued your professional career as per your degree? Our founding team has a reputed degree in hand, with which we can easily make a good living for ourselves, but we left our job because we didn’t see any meaning in that job. If we so-called smart students of our generation start being happy with a job, then who will think differently and work to bring changes? We wanted to make some impact on others' lives as well. We believe in building our own future and we felt that the only way we could support our country is by creating more and more jobs. There is a very interesting incident that made us start this business, it can be read in our blog post on this same website.

Who are we?

A team of Mechanical & Computer Engineering, Science, Management Graduates, and trained and certified Technicians. We have our mentors from various backgrounds like Retired Government Officer, Chartered Accountant, Networking Engineer, and Industry Expert.

What we do?

  • Background verify the technician.
  • Hire only certified technicians.
  • Try to address the problem within 4 hours of reporting looking at the urgency.
  • Give time bound guarantee on the services (not on material)
  • Take customer feedback after the job is done.
  • Suggest the best quality material and provide list of material shop where customer can get materials at comparatively lower price and higher warranty.


Bimal Bastola

Bimal Bastola | CEO,Founder

An Architect of Change,Bimal is the CEO of Ek Call Home Solutions.With even less time he has injected a tangible spirit into the halls of the company that drives innovation, collaboration and outside-the-box thinking.

Perish Ghimire

Perish Ghimire | Manager,Founder

As founding member , Perish's goal is to work alongside his team to create relevant and innovative consumer experiences for our clients. Down-to-earth and a real team player.

Kushal Ghimire

Kushal Ghimire | Executive Officer

Kushal connects insights and strategy to build solutions that drive growth for Ekcall's clients — and keep them moving into the future.

Archana Khanal

Archana Khanal | Executive Officer

Archana helps steer company’s efforts to deliver modern marketing, channel innovation and data‑fueled solutions.

Ujjwal Ghimire

Surendra Devkota | Financial Advisor

Surendra advises the leadership team on a variety of financial and legal matters, and manages Ekcall’s core legal and financial functions, including commercial and technology transactions, litigation, and regulatory compliance.

Isha Baral

Isha Baral | Lead Developer

Isha is responsible for outlining the company's technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs.


Diwakar Bastola

Diwakar Bastola

Retired Government Officer | Motivaitonal Speaker

Mohan Upadhyaya

Mohan Upadhyaya

Network Engineer

Ajaya Koirala

Ajaya Koirala

Business Man | Philanthropist

Atit Poudyal

Atit Poudyal

Chartered Accountant